Global No.1 Safety Experience Training Simulators


Movable Type

Container & Trailer etc.

The Container Solution or Movable types of Youngwoo Safety Experience Training. It enables sufficient and efficient safety training anywhere.

Container & Trailer etc.
  • Experience Method HMD experience method / Screen stereoscopic image experience method / Joystick operation.
  • Operation program Unity 3D
  • Control method Operation PC integrated control
  • Contents 30 types of contents developed by Youngwoo Industry / 30 types of contents by Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency


  • A variety of safety experience VR contents developed by Youngwoo Industry and compatible design
  • Programming design to be compatible with 3D stereoscopic image materials and VR contents
  • VR experience method through HMD (experiencer searches for risks while walking around the field using VR devices)
  • VR experience contents in various ways such as 3D / 4D movie theater, HMD, joystick, etc.
  • Program design considering convenient update of VR contents
  • More than 30 kinds of VR contents related to welding work, forklift, construction / industrial safety
  • Can do various education