Global No.1 Safety Experience Training Simulators


CEO Greetings

Specialized in Safety Experience and Training.

Youngwoo Industry is a company that specializes in the production and installation of safety experience equipment, and it is now recognized as the best company in the field of safety experience equipment in Korea thanks to its 20 years of technical skills and know-how, and it is highly appreciated from oversea companies.

Furthermore, we are constantly striving to become a company that can share a happy time with everyone, pursuing a leap to the world's best company and zero-accident.

We have one-stop system from planning and design to production / construction through our own factory division, and we have the largest number of patents for safety experience equipment and facilities in Korea.

Safety has become an essential requirement not only for construction sites but also for all sectors of society.

All executives and employees of Youngwoo Industry will be loyal partners for your company. We promise to do our best to provide the best facilities. We will also continue to challenge and research constantly and contribute to the safety and happiness of all our customers based on the corporate ideology of "If we don't challenge, we don't even have a chance."

I would like to proudly say that the skills of the Youngwoo Industry have been proven in winning more than 300 domestic / more than 20 overseas projects. And Youngwoo industry is young.

Based on our skills and strong passion, we will help our customers to stay in business, and we will be a company that doesn't lose the humility of loving and caring.

Thank you.

Youngwoo Industry CEO Oh Young Hyun